Our Governance Structure

GFD has been sustained for more than 28years due to the commitment of its successive leaders. GFD has four key governance stages as follows:

A: Delegates Assembly

The Delegates Assembly is the highest decision making body of the GFD. It is made up of the National Executive Council, three Delegates from each member organisation and one representative of each associate member organisation. At least 40% of the delegates should be women. The Delegates Assembly meets bi-biennially (Once every two years) to receive and adopt annual reports, audited accounts, review fees and membership subscription dues, ratify the admission of new members, elect/appoint the Executive Council, consider constitutional amendments among others. Article 7 of the GFD Constitution details out the composition, powers, tenure and functions of the Delegates Assembly.

B: National Executive Council

The  National Executive Council (NEC) serves as the operating structure in between the Delegates Assembly. The NEC comprises the Executive Board and two representatives each from the Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (who should be the President and Women’s Wing Chairperson. The NEC is directly responsible to the Delegates Assembly and meets at least twice a year to receive and adopt annual reports of the GFD as mandated by the Delegates Assembly, appoint adhoc committees and working groups to implement decisions among others. Article 8 of the GFD Constitution details out the composition, powers, tenure and functions of the National Executive Council.

C: Executive Board

The Executive Board is a 7 member body which implements the decisions of the Delegates Assembly and provides strategic direction to the Secretariat. The seven members is composed of a 3-member elected team ticket (led by the President with a Vice President and a Women’s Representative, each from among the distinct Organisations of Persons with Disabilities of the GFD) and four unelected members comprising the Executive Director of the GFD Secretariat as an ex-officio member and 3 Experts identified by the Secretariat and approved by the National Executive Council. The Executive Board is also responsible for the true accounts, assets and liabilities of the GFD.  Article 9 of the GFD Constitution details out the composition, powers, tenure and functions of the Executive Board.

D: Secretariat

The Secretariat manages the day to day operation of the GFD under the leadership of the Executive Director and with support from staff, volunteers and partners. The Secretariat is also responsible for the strategic development, management and implementation of the activities and policy decisions of the Delegates Assembly, National Executive Council and the Executive Board. Article 13 of the GFD Constitution details out the functions and scope of work of the Secretariat.



“to advocate the rights of Persons with Disability by influencing policies, programmes and activities at the national and local levels and to strengthen the organisations of Persons with Disabilities

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